Edinburgh Castle

I hit up Edinburgh Castle first thing Tuesday morning. They have optional guided tours inside the castle that are included with your ticket. I joined one of the tours and learned some interesting things about the castle. There is a time-gun in one of the castle’s batteries that is fired at 1 PM every day. Apparently, it’s fired at 1 PM instead of noon so that they can save on ammunition. There is also a 6 ton cannon called Mons Meg that has a range of two miles. It was said that it was so heavy, it would take a team of a hundred men a day to haul it only 3 miles! Some of the cool things you could see inside the castle are the Scottish Crown Jewels (the Honours of Scotland), the Stone of Destiny, and the room where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to James VI of Scotland and I of England. The view of Edinburgh from the castle was amazing!















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