The Royal Mile

After The Whiskey Experience, I made my way down the Royal Mile, stopping at St Giles’ Cathedral and The Real Mary King’s Close before ending up at Holyrood Palace. In The Real Mary King’s Close tour, you get a tour of Mary King’s Close and a couple of other nearby closes which are all underground. The tour guide dresses in 16th century attire and assumes the identity of someone from that time period. Our tour guide was someone who cleaned the houses of people affected by the plague. It was very cool to be able to walk through these underground closes and houses, although a bit spooky as well! It also gave you quite a good idea of what daily life was like for people back then. After The Real Mary King’s Close tour, I continued down the Royal Mile past the ultra-modern Scottish parliament building to Holyrood Palace. I only took pictures from the outside, as it was almost closing time when I arrived.





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