We arrived in Liverpool on Saturday afternoon and had a couple hours of free time. I decided to go to the Beatles Story, a museum that covers the entire history of the Beatles. The Beatles came from Liverpool, so many of the tourist attractions have a Beatles theme. The museum was really cool. It had a lot of the Beatles’ old instruments and memorabilia. There was even a replica of the Cavern Club, the nightclub in Liverpool where the Beatles used to play. I learned a lot about the Beatles that I didn’t know before.

I then met up with the group, and we went on the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour with a local tour guide. She took us all around Liverpool, pointing out all of the relevant places pertaining to the Beatles as well as telling us a lot about the history of Liverpool. Once the tour was over, we had a group dinner and then headed over to the Cavern Club for some drinks and music.

The next morning, we had some free time before departing for York. I decided to check out the maritime museum, mostly for the Titanic exhibit. Some of you may know that I’m kind of obsessed with the Titanic. The Titanic’s managing company, the White Star Line, had its headquarters in Liverpool and was registered there, hence the Titanic exhibit. There were some interesting artifacts, such as a life jacket worn by one of the survivors and the telegram from the Carpathia (the ship that rescued passengers of the Titanic) to the White Star Line notifying them of the sinking of the Titanic.



















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