We arrived in Bordeaux on Thursday evening. The drive from Barcelona to Paris is too long to do in one stretch, hence the scheduled stop in Bordeaux. Apparently Bordeaux is one of the food and wine capitals of France as well as the town after which Paris was redesigned in the 1800s. After checking in at the hotel, our group leader took us on a brief walking tour of the center of town and showed us the areas with good restaurants. There seemed to be a lot of restaurants of different types of cuisines – Thai, Chinese, Indian, etc. I went to an authentic French restaurant with several other girls in our group. The waiter was very friendly and patient helping all of us with the menu.

After dinner, a couple of the girls and I walked over to the Place de la Bourse and took some pictures near the fountains. We had a nice stroll through town, especially since Bordeaux isn’t completely overrun with tourists!








2 thoughts on “Bordeaux

  1. Holy cow, Jen! I’m on Bordeaux (actually Margaux) this weekend!!! How about this thunderstorm!? Your travels are so inspiring…thanks for continuing to share!

    • OMG, that is crazy! What a small world! It started raining when we were out in Bordeaux yesterday, but luckily we were almost back to the hotel by then, so we didn’t get drenched.

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