High Rolling in Monaco

Last night we had a 4 course dinner in Vieille Ville, Monaco. Afterward, we walked around for a bit before heading over to the Grand Casino in Monte Carlo. The casino was every bit as glamorous as I had expected, with rows of exotic cars parked outside. It was completely luxe on the inside. The front of the bar was covered in crystal. The main room had a beautiful stained glass ceiling surrounded by crystal chandeliers. It’s a pity pictures aren’t allowed inside!

I’m not much of a gambler, but I wanted to play a little since we were in this epic casino. The minimum bid for a card game was €20. I decided to play the slot machines instead and ended up coming out ahead by €13.25! Although, I did buy a water for €6, so I guess I was only up by €7.25. A couple of people in our group won €350 playing blackjack. Luckily no one in our group lost a lot of money!







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