Mind Blown in Trubsee, Switzerland

We drove over to Engelberg, to the base of Mt Titlis. We caught gondolas up to our hotel in Trubsee. The elevation is almost 6,000 feet. The entrance to our hotel is just off the exit for the gondolas, so it’s very convenient. The view here is incredible. I was glad to breathe in all of the fresh air after being in a bus for much of the day. The hotel is the perfect mix of rugged outdoors and modern European sensibilities. When we arrived, they told us that they keep the bar open as long as we keep consuming alcohol. This is my kind of place!

I was blown away by the view from my room. You can open the enormous windows all the way and let the fresh air in. I love my room here. It’s on the top floor and even has a cute little lofted bedroom, but I’m sleeping on the double bed on the main floor. It’s nice having this huge space all to myself!

We had some time to get settled in before dinner out on the deck. Afterward, we went for a little walk. On the walk, we stopped at the nearby lake and took the rowboats out for a bit. We then walked back to the hotel, where there was a party at the bar downstairs which opens up onto the huge outdoor deck. Words cannot describe how beautiful it is here. Not even my pictures do it justice. I definitely want to come back here some day!

















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