Beer Steins, Birkenstocks, and Cuckoo Clocks – St Goar, Germany

We drove through the Rhine Valley to St Goar, where we stayed in a German guest house. There are many medieval castles in the Rhine Valley. Apparently the castles here have been the inspiration for several of the castles in Disney movies. The landscape here is very beautiful, and the environment is calm and peaceful.

We stopped at the store of a local beer stein manufacturer and learned about the different kinds of steins and how they are made. We also saw the world’s largest free-hanging cuckoo clock. After dinner, we went to a wine tasting where we had a couple of different Rieslings and ice wine. That was my first time trying ice wine. It is very sweet and delicious. It is also very expensive because of the small quantity of grapes left late in the season when ice wine is made and because the window of time that meets the exact frost conditions for making ice wine is extremely short. The wine cellar where we had the wine tasting was very cool and medieval looking. Afterward, we went back to the bar at the bottom of the guest house. The nice thing about us staying there was that they kept the bar open until we were ready to go to sleep.















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